Build Your Own

Choose from a variety of high quality components including Gary Loomis' North Fork Composite Blanks to build your own dream rod!

1. Choose your blank

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  • Steelhead
  • Plug
  • Salmon Mooching
  • Back Bounce
  • Spin Jig
  • Spin Bass
  • Mag Bass
  • Flipping
  • Drop Shot
  • Crank Bait
  • Cast Bass
  • Salt Water Bay
  • Salt Water
  • Trout & Panfish
  • Noodle

Model Material Style Pieces Length Line Wt. Lure Wt. Power Action Price

2. Choose your handle

3. Choose your Butt Cap

4. Choose your Reel Seat

5. Choose your Fore Grip

6. Choose your Hook Keeper

hook keeper

7. Choose your Guides

hook keeper

NOTE: Guide sets are priced at the highest possible quantity to be used. Depending upon the length of your rod blank, less may (and likely will) be used. Upon review, we will refund a portion of your order to match the actual quantity of guides used.

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