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North Fork Custom Rods is a small family owned business that started from a love of fishing, but bridged into the desire to build something unique.

"Depending upon your favorite fishing hot spot, you may be in between hundreds of fellow anglers while casting for your trophy, but I wanted to be a little bit different", says Wayne, founder of NFCR. "So I went back to my garage and started working and was pretty impressed with what I managed to come up with."

What started out as a hobby has grown into two complete additions to the shop and 3 additions to the team including Wayne's wife Diana (co-owner).

"Most rod builders out their are garage operations, building maybe 5-10 rods per year. We wanted to take this to a whole new level of manufacturing while still offering that hand crafted level of precision that you can only find in a hand built product. So we worked closely with Gary Loomis, one of the most respected blank builders in the industry to offer our rods with North Fork Composite Blanks, the highest quality blank in the industry." says Diana.

She continued, "With the volume of rods we build, we are able to order our most popular blanks in large quantities. This allows us to offer our customers the highest quality blank on the market at an incredibly low price while still managing to maintain that hand craftsmanship sought after in a custom rod!"

One of the biggest advantages of having a production facility of this size is that it allows us to offer our customers a variety of customization options that most smaller rod builders just can't provide. A great example is our laser engraving system, with this we can not only customize your rod but we can offer a level of "personalization" on your rod. We've done everything from anniversary dates to favorite sports teams, the options are virtually limitless.

Another extreme example is North Fork Custom Rods custom elk horn handles. "As far as we know, these are a first of their kind..." says Wayne. Although these rods might initially appear as a novelty there has been an incredible amount of engineering involved to ensure the fishing experience isn't inhibited. "One of the biggest challenges we've faced with the elk horn handles is the added weight they create" says Diana, to combat this issue Wayne has came up with a no less appealing elk horn / cork combination handle which alleviates most of the weight issues you might have with a full elk horn rod.

The best thing is this is only a portion of North Fork Custom Rods customization possibilities, the only realistic limitation is your imagination and your wallet! Check out the gallery below for a variety of rods we've create for some of our other customers!

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